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Health Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the medical expenses of the insured due to an illness or accident in exchange for a premium amount. It enables the insurance company to provide medical coverage for hospitalization expenses, day care procedures, critical illnesses, etc. A health plan also offers multiple benefits, including cashless hospitalization and free medical check-ups.

Key Benefits of Health Insurance Plans in India

  • Hospitalization Expenses - A health insurance plan covers the medical expenses incurred on getting admitted to a hospital for more than 24 hours. It includes room rent, doctor’s fee, medicine cost, diagnostic test fees, etc.
  • Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses - It covers the medical expenses that you may have incurred on an illness before getting hospitalized as well as follow-up treatment expenses incurred after getting discharged.
  • ICU Charges - A health insurance plan also covers the cost of availing treatment in an ICU during hospitalization.
  • Cashless Treatments - All health insurance providers in India offer cashless treatment facilities at their network hospitals. You do not have to worry about arranging money to pay the hospital bills if you get admitted to a network hospital as it will be settled by your insurer under cashless claims.
  • Day Care Procedures - It also covers the cost of availing day care treatment that requires hospitalization for less than 24 hours.

Meaning of Health Insurance

Health insurance policy is an assurance which provides immediate financial help in case when any medical emergency arises.

We're here to advise you

If you need help with your plan, our licensed insurance agents are available by chat, email, or phone.

Trust and Goodwill

Health Insurance promote and build a feeling of trust and quality in the customers mind and it establish credibility.

FAQ on Health Insurance

  • What is Health Insurance?
    Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers medical expenses that arise due to an illness. These expenses could be related to hospitalisation costs, cost of medicines or doctor consultation fees.
  • What is the Benifits of Health Insurance?
    Health insurance policies cover hospitalisation, pre-and post-hospitalisation, daycare and home treatment expenses. You can also avail of financial coverage for expenses against diagnosis and tests suggested by the doctors.
  • Who Need Health Insurance?
    The simple answer is everyone. Health insurance offsets the costs of minor medical issues and major ones, including surgeries and treatment for life-threatening ailments and debilitating conditions.
  • Why to Buy a Health Insurance Plan?
    Medical inflation is increasing every day making treatments expensive. If you get hospitalized for a critical illness or lifestyle disease, you may end up losing all your savings. The only way to afford quality medical treatment during a health emergency is by buying a health insurance policy.