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Book Keeping Services at Rs 3500.Bookkeeping services is the process of registering financial transactions and preparing financial statements, like income statements and balance sheets. Bookkeepers typically offer these services; some of their tasks may include: Managing daily cash flow. Recording financial transactions into a software system.
A bookkeeping service generally works with a three-pronged approach to establish and maintain a company's overall financial management and processes. The first tier is established by an accounting software professional. She shall create a data accounting file which shall be tailor-made for the company based on its business and needs. A bookkeeper ensures that employees of a company are filing expenses and invoices correctly. The bookkeeper shall track all the receivables and payables of the business and also keep the financial transactions of the business document. The bookkeeper can also handle deposits, manage payrolls, develop maintain financial statements, reconcile bank statements with the company's internal accounts, and help with audits. The 3rd prong of the bookkeeping service focuses on increasing the company's financial accountability checks and balances. Controller scrutinizes the ledger prepared by the bookkeeper for accuracy along with maintaining the integrity of the accounting file in a way that any unapproved adjustments cannot be made. The controller repairs financial reports monthly to highlight any issue that must be known to the business.

Book keeping services shall be applied throughout India for the following classes of works,

  • Recording of annual entries for the financial year.
  • Filing of all your business transactions.
  • Avail receipts for your company’s expenses.
  • Get ready Pro Forma.
  • Get stock summary till date

Book Keeping Service Process:

  • Managing daily cash flow.
  • Recording financial transactions into a software system.
  • Managing financial transactions.
  • Preparing financial records for tax filings.
  • Processing timesheets and payroll.
  • Inputting financial data.

Data Entry

It seems like a tedious task, but it has become quite effortless with the introduction of modern accounting software.

Financial Reporting

The process of documenting and communicating financial activities and performance over specific time periods, typically on a quarterly or yearly basis.

Bank Reconciliation

the summary of the banking and business accounts that reconciles a company's bank account with its financial record.


The final section of your thesis, comprising the closing paragraph or sentence and the summation of the points made in the thesis.

FAQ on Book Keeping Services

  • What is book keeping services?
    Bookkeeping focuses on recording and organizing financial data, including tasks such as invoicing, billing, payroll and reconciling transactions. Accounting is the interpretation and presentation of that financial data, including aspects such as tax returns, auditing and analyzing performance
  • What is tax and book keeping services?
    Bookkeeping is the process of keeping a record of all financial transactions and preparing necessary financial statements like income statements and balance sheets. Bookkeeping includes activities like passing entries in journals to designing and maintaining a complete record of the book of accounts of a company.
  • What is the basic bookkeeping services to offer?
    A full-charge bookkeeper can also manage payroll, handle deposits, create and maintain financial reports, manage the ever-changing world of sales taxes as well as quarterly taxes and withholding. Bookkeepers also reconcile bank statements to internal accounts and even help out during an internal or IRS audit.
  • What is full service bookkeeping?
    A full charge bookkeeper handles typical bookkeeping responsibilities (e.g., data entry), plus additional accounting duties. Think of full charge bookkeeping as a mix between traditional bookkeeping and accounting. You must handle day-to-day bookkeeping tasks along with full-cycle accounting duties.