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Business Loan Consultancy at Rs 3500.
Best Ways to Get Quick Business Funding. Unsecured Loan. Line of Credit. Working Capital Loan. Loan Against Property.Eligibility for Getting Quick Business Loans. Valid Business Registration. Business Existence.Common Documents Required for Business Loan. Identity Proof. Address Proof. Income Proof.
The current financial landscape is one of uncertainty and risk. Most businesses are struggling to get funds and keep up with the demands of their users and the overall market. In these uncertain times, companies need an influx of cash to grow and scale quickly to stay ahead of the competition.
29% of small and medium-sized businesses fail because they run out of capital in the initial years.
To accelerate growth or cover cash flow issues, businesses need access to additional capital. This capital can come in a business loan from a financial institution or venture capitalists. However, getting this type of funding is not always easy, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.
ABI ACCOUNTS is a business loan consultant in Thoothukudi who can help you get the funding to grow and expand your business. We understand your business and financial needs with a team of experienced financial consultants and a good reputation with bankers. We have expertise in putting together a comprehensive plan that will give you the best chance of getting approved for a loan.

Business Loan Consultancy : When Do You Need a Business Loan?

  • When you’re starting a new venture and need funds to get started.
  • When you want to expand your current business but don’t have enough cash flow to do so.
  • When you have an unexpected expense that you can’t cover with your current cash flow.
  • When you’re looking to improve your working capital.
  • When you want to buy additional inventory.
  • When you want to purchase new equipment or technology for your business.

Benefits of Getting A Business Loan:

  • Timely Availability of Funds.
  • Flexibility in Loan Repayment.
  • Affordable Interest Rates.
  • Minimum Documentation.
  • Control over Funds.

Unsecured Loan

One of the most popular loans that you can avail in a short span of time is an unsecured loan. It is called unsecured because there is no need for a Collateral or third party guarantor.

Line of Credit.

Various businesses have been taking up a line of credit and have an option to fund their working capital needs. It is an arrangement between a bank and the borrower. They establish a maximum loan amount for borrowing.

Working Capital

Working capital loans are a popular option in the business circle. It allows you to fund your working capital needs with convenience. This loan is not borrowed to buy long-term assets or investments. They are used to provide capital for a business’ operational needs. This could include payroll, rent and debt payments.

Loan Against Property.

One of the quick ways of getting a business loan is to opt for loan against property. You can get this loan by keeping your commercial or residential property as collateral. It is also called a secured loan. Your property value will decide the amount of loan you can get sanctioned.

FAQ on Business Loan Consultancy

  • What does a loan consultant do?
    A Loans Consultant provides information to persons seeking to obtain loans, and assists them in the process of applying for loans. The Loans Consultant may provide information about loan programs, such as interest rates, loan terms, how to qualify, and fees that are associated with obtaining loans.
  • Who is eligible for startup loan?
    You should have a CIBIL score of at least 700. Your business should have been operational for at least 2 years. Minimum annual income of your business should be INR 2 lakhs. Should be between 21 years to 65 years of age.
  • Which is the best bank for business loan?
    HDFC Bank Business Loan.
    Axis Bank Business Loan.
    ICICI Bank Business Loan.
    Kotak Mahindra Bank Business Loan.
    IDFC First Bank Business Loan.
  • What is MSME loan?
    MSME loans are unsecured loans offered by several financial institutions to help entrepreneurs meet various business-related expenses. As per the Indian government and RBI, these loans are for certain business enterprises that fall under these categories: Company (Manufacturing or service provider) MICRO. SMALL.