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Project Work at Rs 3500. A project work is a planned and definitely formulated piece of study involving a task or problem taken up by the learner, either individually or in a group, to supplement and apply classroom and laboratory transactions. It follows the approach of Learning by Doing and Learning by Living. It is often experienced that there is no time in a tight school timetable for all the content of science curriculum to be applied. Prescribed textbooks and laboratory manuals primarily envisage the knowledge and concepts that are considered appropriate for learners at a certain stage. These provide wide body of knowledge and understanding. While project work aims to call on pupils’ capability to apply such knowledge and understanding, to select that might be useful in a particular instance, and to use it in the design of a decisionmaking process. Thus a project work is an attempt to promote creativity and the spirit of enquiry in learners.
Project work is a more or less open-ended activity and depends on the nature of the task. For selecting a task, the situations which can raise suitable questions amongst the students are identified. Such situations may be arrived at through libraries, laboratories, magazines, discussions, field trips, print and electronic media, internet etc. Students may choose a project depending on their abilities, enthusiasm, and interest.
However the complexity of the project, availability of the material resources, and time available to furnish the project shall always influence the selection of task. The working on a chosen project must first include the tentative objectives that might be attained. The execution of the task must be properly planned. It is advised that the project team keeps a complete record of work including the choice of project, planning, discussions held, distribution of work assigned to different team members, references and books consulted, observations, difficulties faced, guidance sought etc. The report of project may include the title, theory/hypothesis, objectives, materials required, procedure, observations, results and discussions, references etc.

Project Work shall be applied throughout India for the following classes of works,

  • Control.
  • Planning.
  • Phase management.
  • Team management.
  • Communication.
  • Procurement.
  • Integration.

Direct and Manage Project Work:

  • Performing the work to achieve project objectives.
  • Creating project deliverables.
  • Managing technical and organisational interfaces.
  • Generating work performance data Reporting performance.
  • PMIS - May offer automated tools to use in this process.
  • Raising change requests, implementing approved changes.


Target concept.
Project implementation planning and implementation.
Project completion..


Projects provide opportunities for continuous improvement and learning, which can be applied to future projects to make them more efficient and effective.

Project report

A project report is a document that describes a project's objectives, milestones, challenges, and progress. It plays a critical role in the project planning and management process.

Project proposal

A project proposal is a 2-5 page document that seeks to address key questions surrounding a major project. A project proposal concisely describes what your project hopes to accomplish, why those objectives are important, and how you intend to achieve them.In more general terms, it makes a case for what you plan to do.