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Your Private limited company registration is Rs 15000 at Abi Accounts. The private limited company shall be registered by the central government with prescribed fees and forms. Abi Accounts India's largest network business service provider dedicated to help the business to start their entity at affordable cost. Abi Accounts provide the complete registration services at Rs.15000 inclusive of all and there is no hidden charges during or post registration. The central government may by certificate of registration and on such conditions as it deems fit; allow that person or association of persons to be registered as a private limited company. Private Limited Company: It’s a limited liability company registered all over India by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and its regulated by the Companies Act, 2013.

Limited Liability In Protecting Personal Assets Of Directors

Mostly newly formed companies need to borrow funds and take products on credit. In case of traditional Partnership, Partners are personally liable to pay from the savings and their property would be at high risk in case the firm is not able to repay its liability. In case of a private limited company, only investment in the share capital of the business is lost, personal savings and asset of the directors cum shareholders are safe.

Minimum Requirement For Registering A Private Limited

  • Minimum 2 Shareholders
  • Minimum 2 Directors
  • Same person can be a Director cum Shareholder.
  • One of the Directors must be resident of India.
  • DSC - Digital Signature Certificate – required for all directors.
  • There is no minimum cap of Authorised Share Capital – can start with even Rs.5000

Image and Credibility

Private limited company is most and well known business structure. Corporate Customers, Vendors and Govt. Agencies prefer to deal with Private Limited Company instead of proprietorship or normal partnerships.

Minimum Requirement

Registering a company is simple process with Abi Accounts. A minimum of 2 Shareholders, Minimum 2 Directors, and minimum of Rs 2 as paid up capital. The directors are typically shareholders in their own companies.

Capital Requirement

The minimum paid up capital at the time of registration of a Private Limited Company is Rs.2/- The capital is the amount of money invested by its share holders in exchange for shares.

Setup for Investors

Investors mostly prefer to invest in Private Limited company as it is well structured and less complicated for making investment. Exiting form private limited companies is very easy.

Easy to Transfer

Private limited companies are easy to transfer ownership, very less documentation and cost is involved in transferring the ownership of a private limited.

Financial Liability:

In private limited the shareholders are limited to their shares paid. Therefore, if a private limited company is in financial crises and had to close, shareholders would not risk losing their Individual assets and properties. The liability is limited only to their capital paid.

FAQ on Private Limited Company

  • What Is The Minimum Requirement To Form A Private Limited?
    Registering a company is simple process with Abi Accounts. A minimum of two persons required to be appointed as directors cum shareholders. The directors and shareholders required to provide the following proofs – Copy of PAN, Copy of Aadhar, Driving license, Voter id, Passport – Any one as permanent address proof and Copy of Telephone bill, Electricity bill, Mobile bill or Bank statement – Any one as Proof of present address.
  • What Way Private Limited Is Differentiated From Proprietorship / Partnership?
    Limited liability which means the shareholder of a private limited company is legally responsible only to amount he subscribed as share capital of a company. Unlike proprietorships and partnerships, the liability of the shareholders with respect to a private limited is limited.
  • What Is Authorized Capital And Paid Up Capital?
    Authorised capital is the maximum amount of shares that can be issued by company. On the other part, paid up capital is the amount of shares issued and subscribed by the shareholders of the company. Authorised capital can be increased as and when required post incorporation in case of any requirement to issue additional shares to the shareholders.
  • Is It Mandatory To Deposit Paid Up Capital Subscribed By Shareholders In Bank Account?
    Yes, It has to be submitted after registration of company, After company got incorporated open a bank account in company name and then bring in the capital subscribed to company account, Commencement of business to be filed with 180 days of Incorporation
  • Can Foreigner Or Foreign Company Or Nri Register A Company?
    Yes, NRIs, foreigner and foreign companies can register a company and make investment in India, subject to the FID norms (FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT) set by RESERVE BANK OF INDIA. However, its mandatory to have one resident of India to mandatorily be a part of the Board of Directors of the company to be incorporated in India.
  • Is It Mandatory To Setup Office For Registering Company In India?
    Yes, every company proposed to be registered in India must have a registered office all communication related to the company is sent by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GST office, Banks, financial institutions, etc., The registered office of a company can be in any part of India.
  • How To Check Availability Of Name With Ministry Of Corporate Affairs?
    You can share names with Abi Accounts on the name availability link. Please note that Abi Accounts will just provide available names, based on search for similar names already registered with MCA.
  • Is Gst Registration Mandatory For Private Limited To Start Business?
    GST registration is mandatory for certain business to start business, Service industry GST is not mandatory for turnover of upto 20 lakhs and Manufacturing and Trading industry GST is not mandatory for turnover upto 40 lakhs